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Just the right blind rivet nut for pool applications


With fastening solutions from Bossard / KVT under water

The areas of application for connectors and fasteners from Bossard / KVT include almost all sectors with manufacturing and production.

Wherever they are used, the initial contact between the customer and the international fastening and assembly specialist often comes about through a recommendation - as in a current case.

A leading company in the field of pool equipment approached Bossard sales expert Andreas Kraus because they needed a blind rivet nut that would provide reliable threads in various applications.
 The special thing about it: The company is active in the "pool" area, so the blind rivet nuts have to do their job "underwater" on the surface skimmer, inlet nozzles, floor drains and lighting devices, among other things.

Andreas Kraus and Bossard / KVT product management focused on two challenges with the request: Maximum water tightness and corrosion resistance of the blind rivet nut, which should also be as flush as possible with the surroundings so that no water can penetrate the pool’s basic structure, e.g. concrete.

Does not rust, is waterproof and the head does not protrude

The solution was finally the custom-made Tubtara® blind rivet nut, which goes beyond the usual models with a coated underhead: The entire head has a watertight and rustproof coating, the small countersunk head allows the blind rivet nut to be inserted flush into the corresponding components.

In addition to the short delivery times, what particularly pleased the customer was that the Bossard / KVT solution was cheaper than that of its competitors.
A product portfolio with around one million items, a selection of suitable brand partners for almost every requirement, and the expertise of the company's own experts in product management, business development, and sales - "It is the combination of these qualities that gives us the customer promise 'Always the right one Connection' every day from new ones to successfully tackle. And it creates trust for long-term customer relationships," says Andreas Kraus.
You can find more information about riveting technology on our website.

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